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Would you like to know more about cloud computing and programming? Cloud server is the new deal in technology. Its importance is increasing, especially in the last few years. With our tips you will be able to understand about cloud computing and how to use it for several purposes.

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Cloud Computing in 2015

The cloud is rapidly becoming the game changing technology of choice in 2015. Cloud computing is on the rise and even companies like Microsoft are jumping on the bandwagon and using the cloud to make their Office products available to iPad users. To answer your question, No… Hell isn’t freezing over, but the times are changing.

So what’s new with cloud computing? According to some, the next big thing is federated services within cloud deployments. Federated services allows a user to use a single sign it to access other systems and applications across organizations. This means that a user could feasibly sign into their home computer, and through that single sign in process, be instantly connected to their office computer, their cloud based server and their clients website. This will increase productivity and likely take the meaning of workaholic to a whole new level. However, it is quite important for business to implement/invest in enterprise backup solutions to backup and recover software and other relevant data in event of a major shut down or system crash.

Federated services could feasibly pave the way for cloud burst computing which would allow overflow from a private cloud to “burst” into the public cloud to handle rapid demand increases. We have all experienced the dreaded server crash that occurs when we all try to get online to order the new iPhone at midnight or you launch a newly developed program and everyone in the office logs on at once. With cloud bursting, all of that goes away. You launch your new program on the internal cloud and when the load gets to be too much the overflow bursts onto the public cloud where the load is like a drop in the bucket. Genius right?


With all of these innovations then why is it such a nightmare to work from home? While working from home is not a new concept, the struggles of employees trying to sign into the network are very real. Companies have been transitioning employees to a home based office for years, but there are still technical restraints. Moving to the cloud is eliminating many of those constraints for the home based employee. Leave it to Amazon to be at the forefront of this new cloud based offering. Amazon Workspaces offers a virtual desktop to employees that they can run off of their laptop or tablet. No more lag time as you try to remotely connect to the office. The cloud based work space removes the wasted time work-from-home employees used to spend waiting for the office server to respond.

There is no doubt that the cloud has a lot more in store from increasing a company’s productivity to taking your game playing experience to a whole new realm. So start your cloud ladies and gentlemen, the show is just beginning.